Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grief in the Briefs

What's the best way to bond with a new friend? Is it:

A. Go out for a cup of coffee and discuss similar interests

B. Have them over for dinner and a board game


C. Let them put you in an adult diaper while you pretend to be helpless

If you answered A or B, congratulations! You are a normal person! If, however, you answered C, then you are either a nursing student, or need serious help.

Now granted, being put in an adult diaper, or "brief" as we are now to call them - is not exactly dignified. But, as a nursing student, it's something that has to get done. How else will we know how to do the hard work unless we practice?

Fortunately for me, I was working with a girl whom I've become friends with, and letting her show me how to do the whole brief-changing-roll-the-patient thing gave us both a good laugh...and the students working next to us had a good chuckle as well.

So, for all you new nursing students out there, when you are faced with the grief in the briefs, just remember: Your instructor is watching so retain as much information in as short a period of time as you can when doing the briefs and get it over with. Laughing is ok, even encouraged to break the ice a little.

Just please don't laugh when you're changing or cleaning a patient. Because they'll have to send you home or to the psyche ward.

Today we get to discuss urinary and bowel elimination. I swear, if there is a lab for this one, I'm outta there.

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