Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where the Grasshopper Stands

So, this being my first ever real blog, I think I'll start simple.

I'm enrolled in the PN program at my tech center, and as I write this, it is only my second week of school.  I knew I would need a place to channel the rollercoaster of emotions, knowledge, advice I've picked up, and all the other "stuff and things" - as my husband and daughter would say.

This seemed like perfect place.

I realized really quick that I was the only student out of 14 with no experience at all, either as a CNA or someone who works in a medical office. Made me feel inferior for sure, but they all seem pretty laid back, helpful, encouraging. It's not hopeless :)

Book smarts? No problem. Hands on? That's when my nerves get the best of me, and clinicals start next week already! I had trouble trying to figure out how to use a blood pressure cuff yesterday for crying out loud! Ahhh, well. I laugh it off and try to study as hard as I can.

And I keep reminding myself: One day, I will be a great nurse. But right now, I will be a great student.


  1. "Grasshopper; fear is eternal darkness. Go instead with inner strength, for it is like a deep river into which all streams flow. It increases, always moving forward; and soon, there is nothing that can stand in its way." - Master Po, "Kung Fu"

    (*wavewavewave* Hi, Jess!)

  2. Yayyyy!!! Hi Kate!! Thank you for being my first follower, commenter, and for the encouraging words! <3

  3. You'll be awesome. Just do it as you're working for the Lord and it will all come into place. Praying for u girl!

  4. thanks Cat! this Cat? or Schenk? LOL! I know too many Katrinas! But either way, thank you <3

  5. Whoa. That was EERIE!

    No, this is the CAT Cat here. That name above is a hoax! Nuttin' but a hoax!

    Just kiddin'. Nice to meet you, Katrina.

    Jess, love the blog. Green is my favourite colour. I've added you to my google reader, so I can be informed when you update yourself. :-)

  6. Yaaaayyy! There's my CAT cat! LOL Thanks so much my friend. I'm trying to keep it story-like so as not to bore people ;p