Friday, January 21, 2011

To be, or not to be ticked

Well, all my worrying this week has been for naught.

See, clinicals were supposed to be this Saturday, so I got everything all set up, got my list of things I'll need, got all psyched up and ready to go...aaannnnnnd they cancel them. Why on earth they did is beyond me, but they did, and we have to suck it up for two more weeks.

But, I suppose this has its advantages: Two more free weekends, and tonight Thad and I get to spend much needed time with good friends. And it's two more weeks of practice in the labs, reading, studying, worrying. Ok maybe not that last part; two more weeks to build up some confidence and plan an escape route.

I'm kidding!

Though knowing where all the exits are would be dandy.

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